Palo Gallery Vica 30 Bond Street

Vica by Annabelle Selldorf opens brick-and-mortar setting with Palo Gallery

Selldorf Architects, September 7, 2022

On September 2022, Vica by Annabelle Selldorf inaugurated its first brick-and-mortar setting for its furniture collection at 30 Bond Street in New York City’s NoHo neighborhood. The design, by Selldorf Architects, transforms an old storefront built in 1900 into a new collaborative concept uniting an art exhibition space for Palo Gallery and a showroom for Vica by Annabelle Selldorf. The 3,400 sf location is divided into two exhibition spaces, one that celebrates the distinctive white cube gallery space while the other embodies a European-style salon. This unique dual functionality offers the opportunity to discover Vica furniture in person for the first time and establishes a permanent location for Palo Gallery. A careful selection of Vica’s key furniture, lighting, and accessory pieces are on display to view, customize, and purchase. Founded in 2018 by art dealer Paul Henkel, Palo Gallery has hosted artwork by artists like Alexander James, Kim Faler, and Auguste Garufi, and will be presenting new work by British multimedia artist Henry Hudson with the launch of 30 Bond Street.

For more details see 30 Bond Street on Vica by Annabelle Selldorf’s website.