Selldorf-designed High Museum of Art Reinstallation Opens to the Public

Selldorf Architects, October 17, 2018

Selldorf Architects has designed a major reinstallation of the permanent collection of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. The project included a renovation of all aspects of the gallery design including lighting. The reinstallation encompasses all seven of the High’s curatorial departments and is the first comprehensive revision of the gallery spaces since the High’s 2005 expansion.

We are thrilled to have been a part of this highly collaborative and engaging process to not only reimagine the circulation, spatial configurations and gallery design, but to rethink new dynamic ways to engage the High’s ever-growing and diverse audience.

Working together with the High, Selldorf Architects reimagined the collection gallery design and space planning for over 100,000 SF of the Stent Family Wing, the Wieland Pavilion and the Anne Cox Chambers Wing, particularly the Skyway level. This included new wall configurations, casework design and fabrication, objects placement and mounting, selection of wall colors, gallery wayfinding and signage, and improving the functionality of lighting systems to protect art objects and strengthen the Museum’s ongoing conservation effort.

Gallery presentation strategies combine interlinked chronological, stylistic and thematic constructs with new dedicated spaces to explore connections across multiple genres or to highlight distinctive, concentrated strengths within the Museum’s permanent art collection.

Selldorf Architects team included Pierce Lighting Studio for lighting and Kudos for wayfinding and signage.

Learn more about the High Museum of Art’s permanent collection here.

Image Credit: Photography by Cat Max. Courtesy of the High Museum of Art.