Westchester County House

Westchester, NY

Located on a 13-acre protected, wooded site, this private residence is an experience of art and nature. The client’s extensive collection of contemporary art is on view throughout the house and specifically accommodated within three dedicated galleries.

The house is clad in black cedar which has been preserved and protected through the Japanese shou sugi ban technique of charring it with fire. The result is a striking form that sits within the changing colors of the verdant landscape.

Mahogany windows and fully glazed sliding doors complement the dark cedar, framing views and reflections of the surroundings.

Organized around a central open-air courtyard, the two-story light filled house has a tri-partite plan.  The most public elements of living room and dining run the entire length of the south façade with floor-to-ceiling doors and windows overlooking the terrace, pool and natural pond.

The ground floor Master Suite is located to the west and overlooks a serene moss garden, offering a more intimate experience of nature. The galleries are found to the north of the entry with double height space and clerestory windows bringing in controlled northern light. Generous corridors surrounding the courtyard connect all the ground floor spaces. The interiors are furnished with a selection of Selldorf designed VICA furniture, and other contemporary and vintage pieces that provide a comfortable living space for the family that sits in balance with their art collection.

The upper level includes three guest bedrooms, an exercise room, and an inviting terrace with a pergola overlooking the property.

For more information on the interiors of this project, see the post in our interiors section: Westchester County House Interiors.

(Photography credits: Nicholas Venezia )