West Village Residence - New York - Exterior photo of building - Selldorf Architects

West Village Residence

New York, NY

This new 25,000 sf mixed-use building is located in the West Village, a landmarked neighborhood with intimate blocks composed of townhomes, low-rise multi-family buildings and vestiges of its warehouse past. Creating a balance between forward-looking new architecture and neighborhood continuity informed the generative concept. The design’s controlled modern volumes bring strong definition to the corner site, yet are also compatible with the surrounding townhouses’ simple, linear forms. To complement the neighborhood’s material palette, the building is clad in red brick. The hand crafted red Roman brick with terracotta detailing and blackened steel windows demonstrates a contextual sensibility but expressed within a new contemporary framework.

The building contains commercial office and retail space on the ground level with a two-story private residence above which is setback from the base. A large elevated courtyard on the west side of the building serves as a private outdoor enclave for the residents. Rooms are organized around the perimeter of the courtyard, creating garden views from almost every space in the home. Garden terraces on the upper levels extend the outdoor atmosphere throughout the residence. The simple program includes large and light-filled living spaces with a private glass-enclosed rooftop study with impressive views.

Red Herring - New York - Interior photo of kitchen - Selldorf Architects
Red Herring - New York - Interior photo of staircase - Selldorf Architects
Red Herring - New York - Interior photo of room - Selldorf Architects

(Photography credits: Nikolas Koenig, Selldorf Architects)