Walden House - Edwards, CO - Exterior photo of building - Selldorf Architects

Walden House

Edwards, CO

Located west of Vail within the White River National Forest Mountain Range, this 12,000 sf house is orientated towards a new pond and the spectacular views of the surrounding Gore Range and New York Mountain.

Designed as a series of smaller volumes organized around a central courtyard, the courtyard creates an intimate counterpoint to the grandeur and scale of the surrounding mountain landscape.

Internal circulation is organized along the perimeter of the courtyard with the main living spaces opening directly from the corridor. The interpenetration of indoor and outdoor spaces fuses the architecture with its natural setting. Each volume has a distinct programmatic use and diverse material articulation. Local materials including copper, field rock, log-pole siding, and beetle kill pine wood reinforce the relationship between the building and its high mountain landscape.

(Photography credits: Todd Eberle)