New York, NY

The Members Balcony Lounge at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is centrally located just up the main stairs from the Great Hall of the museum. Designed for upper level members, the lounge offers a relaxing space for light refreshment, meetings, and reading away from the other more crowded food amenity spaces within the museum.

Most recently used as a satellite retail space the plan was transformed into a large open space that accommodates a variety of seating arrangements and adjoining support areas for the kitchen, back of house, and mechanical rooms. Outfitted entirely with Vica and Selldorf custom-designed furniture and fixtures, the lounge affords a variety of seating arrangements including a banquette dining space, a central sofa lounge space, side lounge seating, long communal reading table, and an espresso bar. Bookshelves hold a variety of museum exhibition catalogues and other art monographs from the Met for perusing while in the lounge and daily newspapers are also provided. Additionally, the flexible space can be used to host small lectures, presentations and receptions.

The lounge is a contemporary space tied into the fabric of the historic Museum through architectural details such as subtle wall reliefs which resonate the Met’s overall architectural style and the recreation of the pendants located alongside the corridors to the Great Hall. In addition, art is integrated into the lounge through a changing program of commissioned art and photography.