Premia, B8, Selldorf Architects


Great Taipei New Town, Taiwan

Selldorf Architects designed five residences for Premia Villas, a new community located eight miles south of Taipei. Situated on a hillside overlooking a mountain range and tropical forest, the villas are designed to take advantage of the site’s impressive views and to integrate indoor and outdoor living.

The masterplan creates an intimate community of homes organized around the perimeter of a narrow overlook, each home opening to expansive natural vistas on one side and facing a private drive on the other. The villas are long and linear to maximize landscape frontage, while their vertical height produces commanding views. Glass walls along the private facade of each villa open to large outdoor terraces, allowing residents to transition easily between indoor livings spaces and a series of outdoor terraces and gardens. The street-facing, public facades have opaque cladding, punched windows, and an enclosed courtyard to ensure privacy.

To complement the lush setting, a rich palette of natural materials was developed for the project including curved terracotta paneling, warm teak cladding, and blackened aluminum window frames and brise-soleils. The raw, handcrafted nature of materials such as the custom-cast terracotta, evoke artisan building practices familiar to many cultures, while their modern forms have a universality that is transcendent.

The project includes two villa types which have been customized to the unique topography and views of each lot. Public spaces including entry, living, dining, and kitchen areas are located on the ground floor and have an open plan layout, creating long, uninterrupted views. Private spaces such as bedrooms and a full-floor master suite are located on the two levels above. On the roof, a glass enclosed tea room and expansive terrace with 360 degree views complete the design.