Notting Hill Townhouse

New York, NY

This four-story Victorian townhouse was renovated to accommodate a young family. The goal was to make the home welcoming and suitable for the day-to-day needs of an active family while incorporating the display of an extensive collection of drawings and paintings. The renovation combined modern and traditional sensibilities and utilized the structure’s double-wide footprint and high ceilings to create a comfortable space that feels expansive but not cavernous.

New floors were laid using oak planks. The rooms are painted in a subtle gray tone to complement the Old Master works of art, and color is introduced in the carpeting, drapes and rich fabrics on the furniture. The upper and lower living rooms provide ample space for entertaining friends and family.

The upper living room is filled with light during the day, whereas the lower room is used more frequently in the evening and for less formal gatherings. Antique marble mantels were installed at the fireplaces in both living rooms, serving as an elegant focal point in each space.

(Photography credits: Fritz von der Shulenberg)