Gladstone Gallery, Selldorf Architects

Gladstone Gallery 21st Street

New York, NY

Located between 10th and 11th Avenues in Chelsea, this new 10,000 sf building is a secondary exhibition space for the Gladstone Gallery and was designed to house large sculpture and installation art. Acknowledging the industrial heritage of the neighborhood, the façade is made of dark grey extra-long Roman brick, laid with filled joints to underscore the monumental appearance. The façade’s large opening on the ground floor and ribbon windows on the upper levels reflects the functions within.

Gladstone Gallery - New York - Photo of front elevation - Selldorf Architects

The main exhibition space is a dramatic, 50-foot-square column-free space with a 22-foot ceiling. The ceiling, with its exposed three-foot-deep trusses, is reminiscent of twentieth century industrial studio space. The large single-sloped skylight-glazed with sandblasted wire glass-admits an abundance of daylight. A library on the main level and offices above complete the program.

(Photography credits: Nikolas Koenig)