David Zwirner 19th Street New York, Selldorf Architects

David Zwirner 19th Street

New York, NY

This 25,000 sf gallery in Chelsea occupies three single-story buildings originally conceived as horse stables and later used as auto repair shops. The buildings were renovated sequentially. Outside, large garage doors were replaced by storefront windows and doors, their configurations determined by the original openings.

Inside, Selldorf Architects took cues from the proportions and arrangement of structural elements within each building to create an ensemble of diverse spaces united by a common architectural vocabulary. To the east the space was left with its original ceiling and accommodates new skylights. The other two buildings received a more comprehensive renovation with new north facing skylights throughout. Reveals where walls meet floors, and slot registers where walls meet ceilings, give the unadorned white surfaces crisp outlines.



(Photography credits: Nikolas Koenig, Todd Eberle)