Commons Building at Camp Sarika by Amangiri

Canyon Point, UT

Part of the Amangiri Resort, Camp Sarika is a new offering comprised of 10 tent lodgings and a Commons Building located in the breathtaking landscape of Southern Utah’s mesas. Selldorf Architects designed all aspects of the Commons Building, including its interiors. The tents were designed by Luxury Frontiers.

The Commons Building is split into two distinct pavilions nestled into the canyon floor: one for dining and one for spa services. The main entry is located between the two pavilions, framing the visitor’s view of the adjacent mesa walls. The Dining pavilion features a lounge area, a dining room for approximately 50 people with a central fireplace, and kitchens. The Spa pavilion includes treatment rooms and areas for relaxation, including a pool. Additionally, the Commons Building is sited alongside a natural amphitheater in the canyon that can serve for performances in the future.

The cast in place concrete used for the Commons Building reflects the materials of the nearby resort. The concrete matches the canyon rock as closely as possible, evoking a natural and timeless presence in the landscape of the mesas. Douglas Fir screens, burgundy sun canopies and blackened steel complete the material palette.

The interior furnishings are minimal and restrained in neutral tones, in keeping with the aesthetic of Aman resorts and the hues of the building materials and surrounding desert.